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Thai Lucky Ming Mong 泰国招财蜘蛛牌

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✦聖物名稱: 招财蜘蛛
✦功效: 人緣, 貴人, 助事業興旺, 保平安, 可避風險, 造福, 招生意, 聚財, 招財吸財,增進財運,使財氣不易流失,為佩戴者帶來意外財運,保住財祿豐盈

~ 招财蜘蛛佛牌,許多人喜歡稱之為招财蜘蛛佛牌,或者招財蜘蛛佛牌,因為蜘蛛佛牌據說具有較強的招財作用,能招正橫財。同時,蜘蛛佛牌還具有起運、避險、造福、保平安,以及幫助事業興旺等功效。
~ 戴上大師的招财蜘蛛佛牌之後,將會網羅到越來越多的機會、貴人,進而帶來源源不斷的財運。
~ 但是要記得, 佛牌只是助緣的聖物,機會、財運網羅進來了,還是要靠我們自己努力將這些變為財富的。
~ 招财蜘蛛能幫助主人識別機會或機遇,不至於錯失,能讓從商人員的的生意興旺,能捕捉到生財的機會,是招財的聖物。

【Lucky Spider】has the effect of saving money and keeping money. The master thinks that the spider's net can stick the fortune and the good things like the catching prey. Will not slip away easily. It is also possible to connect the network with people, and the recruitment is also very good. Suitable for friends who are in the business or sales industry.

✦ Relic Name: Lucky Spider
✦ Efficacy: karma, noble, help the business thrive, protect the security, avoid risks, benefit, recruit business, gather wealth, attract wealth, increase wealth, make the money not easy to lose, bring unexpected wealth to the wearer, save the wealth and wealth

~ Lucky spiders, many people like to call it a lucky spider, or a lucky spider, because the spider is said to have a strong financial role, can make a fortune. At the same time, the spider Buddha brand also has the functions of starting, avoiding danger, benefiting, protecting the peace, and helping the cause to prosper.
~ After wearing the master's lucky spider, it will be more and more opportunities, noble people, and then with a steady stream of wealth.
~ But remember, the Buddha card is only a sacred object to help, the opportunity, the wealth of money came in, or we must rely on our own efforts to turn these into wealth.
~ Lucky Spider can help the owner to identify opportunities or opportunities, not to miss, to make the business of the business people prosper, to capture the opportunity to make money, is a sacred object of fortune.

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