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Thai Erawan 开光泰国四面佛牌送珠链

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四面佛是泰国著名的佛牌之一,人称“有求必应”佛,也正是四面佛的灵验,才收到大家的认可,“四面佛”是印度婆罗门教神祇,原是婆罗门教三大主神之一的梵天,是创造天地之神,乃是众生之父。 四面佛的功效 四面佛,被称为有求必应佛,功效比较全面,助事业、助家庭和睦、助身体健康、转运、助智慧、助人缘感情等都可以。四面佛泰国佛牌手链也具有同样的功效,现在越来越流行于年轻男女中。 “四面佛”是个仁慈无比“有求必应”的神灵,关于他有求必应的传说在泰国已经有很多不一一累述,这里主要是介绍印度方面关于他有求必应的神话传说,在印度的神话传说中,只要向他许愿无论是“神、魔、人”,他都会应允他们的愿望。 有求必应”每面都有不同功效,正面祈求生意、事业、自身,然后顺时针方向。第二面是祈求爱情、婚姻、家庭;第三面是祈求横财、富贵;第四面是祈求福慧健康、求子女。四面神不是佛,是创造天地之神,在天界中具备崇高法力,掌管人们之财库与掌握人间之荣华富贵,更号称婆罗门教之财神。 从重人口中得知,在四面佛面前求子最为灵验,膜拜、许愿心诚者大多数都能喜得贵子。今年许愿,隔年就会有喜;喜事一到,就得有恩报恩,还愿就更为重要。 对佛牌佩戴者来说,平日的善行也是很重要的。 佛牌就犹如一个助听器(助缘),但如果本身是没耳朵(任何善业善行)的,那么佛牌的(助听)功效也是极度有限的。 礼敬僧宝,供养僧宝,这在泰国是最大的善业了,连泰王都要跪下,礼敬僧宝。 The Erawan Buddha is one of Thailand's famous Buddhist cards. It is called the “Responsive” Buddha. It is also the test of the Erawan Buddha. It is recognized by everyone. The “Erawan Buddha” is the Indian Brahmin god. It was originally the three main gods of Brahmanism. The Brahma of one is the god who created the heavens and the earth, and the father of all beings. The effect of the Erawan Buddha The Erawan Buddha, known as the quest for the Buddha, has a comprehensive effect, helping the cause, helping the family to help the family, helping the health, transshipment, helping the wisdom, and helping the people. The Erawan Buddha Thai Buddha bracelet also has the same effect and is now more and more popular among young men and women. The "Erawan Buddha" is a god of kindness and responsiveness. There are many legends about his responsiveness in Thailand. This is mainly about introducing the myths and legends of the Indian side about his responsiveness. In the myths and legends of India, as long as Wishing to him, whether it is "God, Devil, Man", he will answer their wishes. There are responsiveness. Each side has different functions. It prays for business, career, and self, and then clockwise. The second is to pray for love, marriage, and family. The third is to pray for wealth and wealth. The fourth is to pray for health. Seeking children. Four gods are not Buddhas. They are the gods who created the heavens and the earth. They possess lofty mana in the heavens, control the people's financial pool and master the wealth of the world, and are also known as the Brahman god of wealth.   It is known from a large population that it is most effective to ask for the child in front of the Erawan Buddha. Most of the worshippers and those who wish to be sincere will be happy. Wishing this year, there will be joy every other year; when the happy event arrives, you will have to be rewarded, and it is even more important. For the Buddha wearer, the good deeds of the week are also very important. The Buddha card is like a hearing aid (helping edge), but if it has no ears (any good deeds), then the Buddha's (hearing aid) effect is extremely limited. The tribute to the gods and treasures, to support the treasure, this is the greatest good business in Thailand, and even the king of Thailand must kneel down, tribute to the treasure.

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