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【Ready Stock/现货】Natural Topaz Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet 天然托帕石海蓝宝水晶手链 (Import from Brazil 巴西进口)

不好意思,先说明一些,我们所销售的产品都是由大师开光及加持了,存货的货是已经有师傅开光及加持了,我们就会按照隔一天就安排发货,如果显示Pre-order,那么是证明我们没有存货,那么需要时间安排开光及加持,为什么需要开光及加持,如果没有开光及加持的水晶,那是装饰或摆件,我们提供所有的水晶都是由佛堂大师加持及开光,有开光的水晶就会有能量。谢谢大家的谅解,买家可以在20-25天内可以收到了,收到货麻烦你们通知我们,我们服务员会安排教你怎么启动您的水晶,谢谢你们的合作, 祝你们美好的一天,感恩有你们。


Topaz is mainly distributed in Brazil, Mexico, Saxony, Scotland, Japan, the Ula Mountains and other places. Topaz is purely transparent, but is often opaque due to impurities. Typical topaz is wine or light yellow. But there may be white, gray, blue, and green. The colorless topaz may be mistaken for diamonds when it is well cut. Colored topaz may be less stable or faded by sunlight.
Topaz can be worn as a talisman, which can ward off evil and make people sorrow and strengthen their confidence. Powdered wine with topaz can treat asthma, insomnia, burns and bleeding. Many countries in the world have set topaz as "the birthstone of November" and are known as the "stone of friendship."

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