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【Ready Stock/现货】Five-Color Tibetan-Style Buddhist Temple Puma Wall Hanging 五色藏式帷幔佛堂装饰用品八吉祥普玛墙围挂

#五色藏式帷幔是藏佛礼堂一部分的装饰。它使用黄、绿、红、蓝和白五色为一组。五种颜色彩代表五佛及五大元素:黄色表宝生佛及地大,绿色表不空成就佛及水大,红色表阿弥陀佛及火大,蓝色表不懂佛与风大,白色表毗卢遮那佛及空大。此外,五色也代表了五佛智及五蕴。 材质: 布 商品规格: 长约 5.05meter x 宽约 30.5cm 颜色: 五彩色 图案: 八吉祥 使用场景: 寺庙 藏式居室 The five-color Tibetan style is a part of the decoration of the Tibetan Buddhist Hall. It uses a group of yellow, green, red, blue and white. The five colors represent the five Buddhas and the five elements: the yellow watch Baosheng Buddha and the earth, the green table is not empty to achieve Buddha and water, the red table Amitabha and the fire, the blue table does not understand the Buddha and the wind, the white table is Lu Cebu Buddha and empty. In addition, the five colors also represent the five Buddhas and five elements. Material: Cloth Product specifications: length about 5.05meter x width about 30.5cm Color: Five colors Pattern: Eight auspicious Use scene: Temple Tibetan room

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