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开光泰国佛牌泽度金招财转运 Thai Buddha Brand Zedujin

RM 150.40
开光泰国佛牌泽度金招财转运 Thai Buddha Brand Zedujin Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Tenjin Ze is obliged to read the ban on money, it is said that wearing the Zedu Jinfo brand can ward off evil, block risks, help the wealthy, avoid the villain, help people, help the power, help the cause, and help the business.

Jia Duo Kang is also known as the "Ze Du Jin" Buddha is the most popular Buddha in Thailand today. The "Ze Du Jin" Buddha is from the history of the Thai mines.
In the area, when the Buddhist temples in the district are competing to produce the "Ze Dujin" Buddha, because the popularity of the "Ze Dujin" Buddha is really not the same, and the beer is first-class, so people can be seen everywhere in Thailand. Wearing the "Ze Du Jin" Buddha card, and regardless of the Buddha statue made by any Buddhist temple, as long as it is made in the district Buddhist temple, its value is also rising rapidly, it is worthy of wearing, collecting and offering.
The "Ze Dujin" Buddha card was made by a retired police officer and later became the "Guan Bing" Master of the White Master. The "Official Spray" has many magical deeds. Even after the death, there are also obvious incidents, and the "Official Spray" assists. Many famous Buddhist temples have been used to make Buddhist cards. These Buddhist cards are very effective, especially the "Ze Dujin" Buddha brand, which makes the "official spray" smash hit.

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