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【Ready Stock/现货】Natural Sandalwood Line Fragrance 天然檀香线香卧香居家供佛香熏香

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【Ready Stock/现货】Natural Sandalwood Line Fragrance 天然檀香线香卧香居家供佛香熏香 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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长度: 28cm
分类: 乌沉香、 龙涎香、 檀香、沉香、 象藏香
原料成分: 线香


乌沉香 - 驱蚊除菌、去除湿气、改善空气、醒脑提神

龙涎香 - 开窍化痰,活血利气。主治神昏气闷,心腹诸痛,消散症结,咳喘气逆, 舒缓精神, 振奋精神,净化空气。

檀香 -  行气温中、开胃止痛

沉香 - 风水毒肿,去恶气;主心腹痛,霍乱中恶,邪鬼疰气,清人神; 调中,补五脏,暖腰膝,止转筋吐泻冷气,破症癖,冷风麻痹,骨节 不任,风湿皮肤瘙痒,气痢、补脾胃,益气和神。

象藏香 - 可预防流感、痄腮、手足口病、芳香弥散、净化空气、滋润肌肤、增强抗病能力。

Length: 28cm
Classification: black agarwood, ambergris, sandalwood, agarwood, like Tibetan incense
Ingredients: incense


Agarwood - Mosquito repellent, remove moisture, improve air, refreshed and refreshed

Ambergris - Kailuan Huayu, blood and good fortune. Attending God is faint, numbness, dispelling the symptoms, coughing and gasping, soothing the spirit, invigorating the spirit, purifying the air.

Sandalwood - the temperature in the air, appetizing pain

Agilawood - feng shui toxic, go to bad anger; main heart and abdominal pain, cholera evil, evil spirits suffocating, clearing the gods; tune in, make up the five internal organs, warm waist and knees, stop the tendons, vomiting, cold air, broken symptoms, cold wind paralysis, bone joints Not allowed, rheumatic skin itching, qi stagnation, spleen and stomach, Qi and God.

Tibetan incense - can prevent flu, phlegm, hand, foot and mouth disease, aromatic dispersion, purify the air, moisturize the skin, and enhance disease resistance.

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