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财神 God of Wealth

财神,民间俗神。中国民间供奉的招财进宝之神。相传姓赵名公明,又称赵公元帅、赵玄坛。在《真诰》中赵公明为五方诸神之一,即阴间之神。 元代成书明代略有增纂的《道藏-搜神记》和《三教搜神大全》称之为财神。财神为掌赏罚诉讼、保病禳灾之神,买卖求财,使之宜利。财神是中国民间普遍供奉的善神之一,每逢新年,家家户户悬挂财神像,希冀财神保佑以求大吉大利。吉,象征平安;利,象征财富 。




1. 文财神有二,分为财帛星君,以及福禄寿三星。财帛星君:他的外形很富态,是一个面白长髭的长者,身穿锦衣系玉带,左手捧着一只金元宝,右手拿着写上“招财进宝”的卷轴,面似富家翁。相传他是天上的太白星,属于金神,他在天上的职衔是“都天致富财帛星君”,专管天下的金银财帛;所以,很多求财的人,都会选择他来进行供奉。

2. 福禄寿三星:“福星”手抱小儿,象征有子万事足的福气。“禄星”身穿华贵朝服,手抱玉如意,象征加官进爵,增财添禄。“寿星”手捧寿桃,面露幸福祥和的笑容,象征安康长寿。福禄寿三星中,本来只有“禄星”才是财神,但因为三星通常是三位一体,故此福、寿二星也因而被人一起视为财神供奉了,担任文职的。

3. 武财神有二,一是黑口黑面的赵公明,一是红面长髯的关公。赵公明:又名赵玄,是一位威风凛凛的猛将,赵公明这位武财神,民间相传他能够伏妖降魔,而且又可招财利市,所以北方很多商户均喜欢把它供奉在店铺中;而在南方的商户则大多供奉关公。关公原名关羽,字云长,是三国时代的名将,形象威武,他不但忠勇感人,而且能招财进宝,护财避邪。



1. 文财神应放在近门处之左右二方位置,不论是福禄寿三星抑或财帛星君必须面对自己屋内,方能财源广进。反之面对大门,自会送财出屋外,小心为要。

2. 武财神如关公或赵公明,必须面对大门屋外,既可招财,又可镇宅保平安,当可平安是福,财源广进。

God of wealth, folk custom. The god of wealth and wealth enshrined in Chinese folk. According to legend, the surname is Zhao Minggong Ming, also known as Marshal Zhao Gong and Zhao Xuantan. In "True" Zhao Gongming is one of the five gods, the god of the underworld. The Taoism-Searching Gods and the Three Sects Searching Gods, which were slightly edited in the Yuan Dynasty into the Ming Dynasty, are called the God of Wealth. The God of Wealth is a god who rewards and punishes lawsuits and protects against illness and disasters. The God of Wealth is one of the good gods commonly enshrined in the Chinese people. Every New Year, every family hangs the statue of God of Wealth, hoping that God of Wealth will bless it for good luck. Kyrgyzstan symbolizes peace; profitability symbolizes wealth.


The role of the god of fortune
God of Wealth has God of Wealth and God of Wealth

1. There are two gods of wealth and wealth, which are divided into the wealth king Xingjun and Fulu Shou Samsung. Cai Xingjun: His appearance is very rich. He is an elder with a white mustache, wearing a brocade jacket and a jade belt, holding a gold ingot in his left hand, and a scroll with the words "fortune into treasure" in his right hand. Weng. According to legend, he is the Taibaixing in the sky, and belongs to the god of gold. His title in the sky is "All Heaven Makes Wealth, Wealth King," and he is in charge of the world's gold and silver money. Therefore, many people seeking wealth will choose him to worship.

2. Fulu Shou Sanxing: "Fu Xing" holds the child in his hand, symbolizing the blessing of having everything. "Lu Xing" dressed in luxurious royal clothes, holding a wishful wish in his hand, symbolized the addition of officials into the ranks, and increased wealth and added money. "Shouxing" holds Shoutao in his hand, showing a happy and peaceful smile, symbolizing Ankang longevity. In Fulu Shou Samsung, originally only "Luxing" was the God of Wealth, but because Samsung is usually a trinity, Fu and Shou are also regarded as the god of wealth together for civil service.

3. There are two martial arts gods, one is Zhao Gongming with black mouth and black face, and the other is Guan Gong with long red face. Zhao Gongming: Also known as Zhao Xuan, he is a magnificent general. Zhao Gongming, a martial arts god of wealth, is said to be able to subdue demons and bring down wealth, so many merchants in the north like to enshrine it in stores. Most of the merchants in the South worship Guan Gong. Guan Gong was originally named Guan Yu and had a long word cloud. He was a famous figure in the Three Kingdoms era. His image was not only loyal and touching, but also able to recruit wealth and protect him from evil.


God of Wealth
1. The God of Wealth and wealth should be placed in the right and left positions near the door. Whether it is Fu Lu Shou Sanxing or Cai Yuan Xing Jun must face his own house to gain wealth. Conversely, when facing the door, I will send money out of the house, so be careful.

2. The God of Wealth, such as Guan Gong or Zhao Gongming, must face the door and the house, which can not only recruit wealth, but also protect the house and town. When peace is a blessing, wealth is abundant.

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