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五行八字起名大全 关于五行八字起名的知识 Five Elements and Eight Characters Names Daquan Knowledge of Five Elements and Eight Characters Names



In the science of names, it also contains the relationship between Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. Such changes in Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, if they can make up for the inadequacies of the Eight Characters, can change the fate of the parties from bad to good. On the contrary, if the name is acquired His relationship played a role in helping the innate horoscope. Then, the fate of this person will also change from good to bad, and serious disasters may be brought at critical times.

   The so-called: "One life, two games, three Fengshui, four names, five books." Therefore, the day after tomorrow's name, the role in this process is ranked fourth, and it cannot be taken lightly. For this reason, the ancients of Feihong named Xuan had a training: "It is better to give the son a good name than to give the son million gold." In actual operation, when the name is given, the party's birthdate character should be listed first, depending on its preferences and taboos, and preferences should be given priority when choosing the name. Do not list the god of fear in the name, otherwise, killing will be invisible. For example, if the surname is Wang, the five characters in the eight characters can be used as "earth and earth" or "earth and earth", and must not be matched with "earth and water". This is the first principle to consider when naming.

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