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龙龟 Dragon Tortoise

龙龟,相传为"龙生九子"之一,背负河图洛书,揭显天地之数,物物一太极,上通天文,下知地理,中和人世。龙龟亦称"赑屃"(bì xì)、"霸下"。明杨慎《升庵外集》有云:"传说龙生九子,龙不成龙各有所好:一曰赑屃,形似龟,好负重,今石碑下龟趺是也……" 。相传上古时它常背起三山五岳来兴风作浪。后被夏禹收服,立下不少汗马功劳。由于"赑屃"头为龙,身为龟,所以民间又称之为"龙龟"。







1。可化解五黄煞、三煞、枪煞、柱冲煞、飞刃煞、尖射煞、火形煞、冲天煞、反弓煞 见煞方安放开光龙龟。



















The dragon tortoise is said to be one of the "Longsheng Jiuzi", carrying the book of the River Tullow, revealing the number of heaven and earth, the object of a Taiji, the passage of astronomy, the underlying geography, the neutrality of the world. The dragon tortoise is also called "赑屃" (bì xì), "hegemony". Ming Yang Shen's "Shengsheng Collection" has a cloud: "The legendary dragon is nine sons, and the dragon does not become a dragon. Everything is good: a scorpion, shaped like a tortoise, a good weight, this is a stone turtle under the stone monument...". According to legend, in ancient times, it often used three mountains and five mountains to make waves. After being taken over by Xia Wei, he made a lot of contributions. Because the "赑屃" head is a dragon, as a turtle, the folks also call it "dragon turtle."

(1) Dragon tortoise
1. The eight-character or residential sin is too old, and the home, the office, or the wearing of the dragon turtle can be used to dispel the power of the uniform.

2. There are problems such as official non-officials, right and wrong, villain, insolvency, and weak financial affairs. It is advisable to place dragon turtles in the living room or master bedroom to resolve the murderousness and use it as a town house. Note: Do not punch the head of the dragon turtle.

(2) Dragon Turtle
1. Can solve the five yellow scorpion, three scorpion, gun smashing, column rushing, flying blade smashing, pointed smashing, Fire shape, skyrocketing, anti-bow, See the party to open the dragon turtle.

2. The dragon turtle is placed in the car, which has the feng shui meaning of the disaster.

3. The main gate of the house and the master bedroom are in a fierce position. They are extremely dangerous. They can be blocked by the open dragon turtle and the turtle is facing the side.

4. If there is a negative energy place near the home (such as a hospital, a funeral home, etc.), the opening of the dragon turtle can be used to deconstruct the negative energy.

5. Frequently entering negative energy places (such as hospitals), wearing a light dragon turtle on the body, can strengthen their own gas field, not let negative energy invade, to achieve the role of evil spirits.

(3) Dragon Turtle Lucky Fortune
1. The dragon turtle can be placed in the living room or office at home, and the dragon turtle is directed toward the door and window, and absorbs the wealth into the house. If you want to be placed in the feng shui, please refer to this article for the introduction of Feng Shui.

2. The dragon turtle is placed on the boss's desk or bookcase, which can effectively resolve all kinds of official non-rights and bad fortune. The dragon turtle is placed in the staff office and can resolve the right and wrong.

3. The staff placed the dragon turtle on the desk to enhance their own atmosphere, to resolve the villain's right and wrong, and to calm down the mind, stabilize the mood, and work with peace of mind.

(4) Dragon Turtle Health
The turtle will absorb the aura of the mountains and rivers, so it will live long. Therefore, it is appropriate to place a dragon turtle in the old man's bedroom, but be aware that the dragon's head must be facing the window.

Dragon turtle placement method
1. When the dragon turtle is used as a lucky house, the head can be oriented toward the door and window.

2. When the dragon turtle is used for phlegm and mitigation, the head or back can be directed at the direction of the sputum.

3. If enshrined with Buddha statues and gods, the correct order should be: the Buddha statue is provided in the middle, the Bodhisattva image is placed next to the Buddha statue, the god image is provided next to the Bodhisattva image, and the spirit beast is placed at the farthest side to be close to the three treasures.

4. Dragon turtles do not need to be scented, if available, they can be used for water and fruit.

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