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金蟾 Golden Toad















(一) 金蟾摆件的摆放方法







(二) 金蟾饰品的佩带方法





The three-legged scorpion is called "Golden Toad", and it is said that it can spit money, it is the property of Wangcai. In ancient times, there were Liu Hai Xiu Dao, and the use of the money was used to make the immortals. Later, the folks circulated the legend of "Liu Hai opera Jin Yu, step by step fishing money". Interpretation: "Lv Dongbin disciple Liu Hai's skill is deep, like to travel around the world, to reduce the magic and demon, and to give birth to the world. One day, he surrendered the golden dragonfly that harmed the people for many years. In the process, Jin Hao was injured and broke his foot, so in the future only Yu Sanshou. Since then, Jin Yuchen has served under Liu Haimen. In order to make a fortune, Jin Yu has made a life of biting into the gold and silver treasures, helping the bangs to benefit the world, helping the poor and diverting money.

The role of Golden Toad
The Golden Toad must show the spirituality after the opening of the aura. The golden enamel that does not open the light is only the ornament or the handicraft. It is only the strength of its material, and it is difficult to exert the spirituality of the golden cymbal. The golden dragonfly has the following important functions in the wind and water:

(1) Wangcai gathers wealth
The three-legged Golden Toad that open the light at home or in the office symbolize the gathering of wealth, wealth, and wealth.

(2) evil spirits besides villains
At home or in the office, the three-legged Golden Toad that are opened in the light can be used to punish the villas and crack the intrusions of the villains. Employees resolve their colleagues' hatred and can be placed in the upper left corner of the desk.

(3) Resolving office disputes
Putting it in the right place of the staff's office can resolve workplace disputes and increase team spirit. It can also lead to financial support to help the company's performance rise, so that the company and employees can benefit together.

(1) Placement method of gold enamel ornaments
1. The Golden Toad in the mouth is placed in the head and throws money.

2. The Golden Toad that does not bear the money in the mouth, puts his head out and gathers money.

3. Putting money on the tail (copper money or coins) means double the money.

4. From the perspective of feng shui, it should be placed in an angry position. The angry position is mainly divided into the housing boom (applicable to the business premises) and the life of the life (applicable to individual families).

5. If it is enshrined with Buddha statues and gods, the correct order should be: the Buddha image is provided in the middle, the Bodhisattva image is placed next to the Buddha statue, the god image is provided next to the Buddha image, and the spirit beast is placed at the farthest side to be close to the three treasures.

(2) How to wear Golden Toad Jewelry

1. When the Golden Toad necklace pendant is worn, the head is facing up best, and it can absorb the sky.

2. The gold and silver bracelets are worn by the left and right hands, but the folk custom usually thinks that the left hand enters the fortune and the right hand makes money, so if it is more stressful, it is better to wear the left hand.

3. The Golden Toad car hangs in the car and can be smashed.

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