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葫芦 Gourd

葫芦是人们喜闻乐见的一种吉祥物,其外形生得怪异,嘴小肚大,聪明智慧的人类利用这一点做成容器,用来装水、盛酒、珍藏灵丹 妙药。中华民族有着一种特殊的思维方式--象征主义。葫芦的"蔓"与"万"谐音,每个成熟的葫芦里葫芦籽众多,人们就联想到"子孙万代,繁茂吉祥" 。葫芦谐音"护禄""福禄",人们认为它可以祈求幸福。讲究一些,则用红绳线串绑五个葫芦,称为"五福临门"。



1. 可以增加 身体健康。凡家中有人常常闹病,可摆放此法器,起到益健康的效果,男女老幼皆适用。

2. 铜葫芦可以增加夫妻缘分,促进家庭和睦,加强生育能力。铜葫芦具有神奇的化病灾、 强身健体、增益健康之功效。在玄空风水术中,二黑和五黄是病符星,要是飞到门上或中宫,家人会无缘无故地犯病遭灾,这时候铜葫芦就派上大 用场了。二黑、五黄五行属土,用金化解,铜葫芦属金,金可以消化土,葫芦又能化病,一物二用,效果极佳,风水术语中有一句「子唤母回」的 ,指的就是这么回事。

3. 可以增福增寿,利财运。葫芦还可以旺文,主聪明,对孩子的学习有帮助,可让孩子列聪明,更健康。特别是水晶葫芦旺文的作用更强。黄晶葫芦瓶,可化煞挡煞,可增进感情,既有葫芦化解的特性,又有黄水晶的能量,旺偏财效果好,女士佩戴,优雅别致,非常漂亮。



1. 只须挂在病者的睡床前或摆放在病者的睡侧,就可以吸取 病人身上的病气,使其快速的好起来。如果是健康人,则可以吸取人身上的晦气,提升运势。

2. 若夫妻缘薄,同床异梦,不妨摆放一只铜葫芦在床头或置于宅居吉位,增加夫妻恩爱。

3. 用于增福增寿,利财运。可用一只二只或三只五只悬挂吉位,或置于吉位。

4. 用一只或三只葫芦悬挂于外 部形煞所冲之方即可,可以化煞挡煞。

5. 葫芦挂在大门外,则有保屋内人平安的作用。


The gourd is a kind of mascot that people like to see. Its shape is strange, its mouth is big and big, and the intelligent and intelligent people use this to make a container for water, wine, and a panacea. The Chinese nation has a special way of thinking - symbolism. The "vine" and "million" homophony of the gourd, there are many gourd seeds in each mature gourd, people think of "children and grandchildren, flourishing and auspicious". The gourd homophonic "protective" "Fu Lu", people think it can pray for happiness. Pay attention to some, then use the red string to tie five gourds, called "five blessings."

The role of the gourd
It is commonly used in Feng Shui as a main tool to improve physical health and strengthen the fate of husband and wife. All in all, the gourd can have the following functions in feng shui:

1. Can increase your health. Everyone in the family is often ill, and this instrument can be placed to have a healthy effect. It is suitable for both men, women and children.

2. Copper gourd can increase the relationship between husband and wife, promote family harmony, and strengthen fertility. The copper gourd has the magical effect of disease, physical fitness and health gain. In the Xuankong Feng Shui technique, the two black and the five yellow are the diseased singular stars. If they fly to the door or the middle palace, the family will be ill and ruined for no reason. At this time, the copper gourd will come in handy. The two black and five yellow five elements belong to the soil, and the gold is used to solve the problem. The copper gourd is gold, the gold can digest the soil, the gourd can also turn the disease, and the two things are used. The effect is excellent. There is a sentence in the feng shui terminology. This is what it is.

3. You can increase your life and profit. The gourd can also be good, the master is smart, and it helps the children to learn, which can make the children smarter and healthier. Especially the role of crystal gourd Wang Wen is stronger. The citrine bottle can be used to enhance the feelings. It has the characteristics of hoist and the energy of citrine. The effect is good, ladies wear, elegant and chic, very beautiful.

Hoist placement method
1. Just hang on the patient's bed or on the sleeping side of the patient, you can absorb the disease from the patient and make it get better quickly. If it is a healthy person, you can absorb the suffocation of the person and enhance the fortune.

2. If the husband and wife are thin, and the same bed dreams, you may wish to place a copper gourd on the bed or in the house, to increase the love of the husband and wife.

3. It is used to increase life and increase profits. One or two five hanging gems can be used, or placed in the gyr.

4. Use one or three hoists to hang on the outer shape and smash it.

5. When the gourd is hung outside the gate, there is a safe function for the inside of the house.

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