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聚宝盆 Cornucopia












The cornucopia is a treasure of the gods of wealth. In the history of China, there are many rich people in the rich countries. From the Zigong, Tao Zhu, Shi Chong, Deng Tong, to Shen Wansan and Hu Xueyan are all rich and countless monopoly. The most peculiar of these is the Shen Wansan of the Ming Dynasty. Others have money, either because they are good at doing business, or because the emperor is particularly gifted, but Shen Wansan’s fortune is passed down by a cornucopia. It was said that the first squad saved the frog and released it. He got a pot of pottery at the poolside. His wife accidentally put a sum of money in the basin, and suddenly saw the coins in the basin overflowing with gold and silver. So wealth is the world.

The role of cornucopia
Cornucopia, as its name suggests, its shape is concave, such as a bowl like a pocket, lucky and gathering gas, Sheng Wang home feng shui. Therefore, coins, copper coins, ingots, amulets and other auspicious items can be placed in the cornucopia. You can go to the temple or the Feng Shui mascot shop (you must pass the formal opening) lucky charm, or your own money to go to the incense, come back wrapped in red paper, put in your own cornucopia, you can save, breed wealth The function, in front of the house, the cornucopia placed behind the window, the role of gathering gas, gathering wealth.

Cornucopia placement method
1. If you put the cornucopia in the financial position of the house or the finance department, you need to be bigger and more appropriate. If you have enough gas and the pattern is large enough, you can keep your money. If it is placed in the room, you can use it smaller.

2. The cornucopia can be placed in the position of the top, bottom, left and right of the piggy bank, the cash register, the safe, and the cash box. It has the effect of gathering gas and gathering money, and can also be placed in the financial position of the home.

4. If you are going to make money, but you will also spend a lot of money, it may be that the house is too ventilated, so if you don’t get together, you can have a large cornucopia on the last side of the house and in the middle of the Ford. The effect of gathering gas can earn and survive.

5. It can be placed on the side of the God table, placed on the left side of the entrance to the console cabinet

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