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文昌塔 Wenchang Tower

文昌塔又称文笔塔、文峰塔。一般高七层、九层、十三层,它的心理暗示作用同文昌帝君。相传文昌帝君是上界掌管文章之神,所以 我国古代书院往往在供奉孔子的同时,供奉文昌帝君。有些城市还建有文昌阁或魁星等高大建筑,以代替文昌塔。古人建造文昌塔的作用在于弥补当地文峰的不足,从而可以多出文人才子。尤其是古代和当今港台一带,供奉文昌帝君和在家里或办公室安放袖珍文昌塔就不以为奇了。



1. 文昌塔为最常用旺文启智利学业之法器,利于读书、功名及事业。古人一直非常重视文昌,凡是有文昌塔的城市,都出过很多文人墨 客的。文昌利于文思敏捷、思维发达、效率高涨、提升业绩,尤利学者、文职人员出更多成绩和功名及事业的更大发展。

2. 文昌塔顶是形似葫芦的造型,可驱邪避灾、招财纳福、还可护佑家人福祉、禄双全,健康长寿。

3. 文昌塔面朝五方,寓意纳各方福气,可开儒家五智即仁义礼智信。

4. 将宝塔置于家中,可以护佑平安,消灾驱邪,镇守府邸。



1. 将文昌塔摆放在文昌位,则可令人头脑敏捷,思维发达,可安放在八宅文昌位、流年飞星文昌位或本命文昌位.

2. 安放文昌塔的简易方法:学子学童可将文昌塔安放在床头或书桌,成人可将文昌塔安放在书柜中或写字台上面。最好是让易学人员观测出文昌位或或人丁当旺之星将文昌塔安放则更利于生贵子、旺贵气。

3. 学子可将文昌塔安放在床头或书桌的左手边(青龙方)成人可将文昌塔安放在书柜或写字台左手边但是文昌塔最理想的摆放方法还是摆放在其主人的文昌位。


Wenchang Tower is also known as Wenbi Tower and Wenfeng Tower. Generally, it is seven stories high, nine layers and thirteen layers. Its psychological suggestion is the same as Wenchang Emperor. According to legend, Emperor Wenchang is the god of the upper bounds of the article, so the ancient Chinese academies often enshrined Confucius at the same time as the Confucius. Some cities also have tall buildings such as Wenchang Pavilion or Kuixing to replace Wenchang Tower. The role of the ancients in building the Wenchang Tower was to make up for the shortage of the local Wenfeng, so that more talents could be produced. Especially in ancient times and today's Hong Kong and Taiwan districts, it is not surprising to offer Wenchang Emperor and to place a pocket Wenchang Tower at home or in the office.

The role of Wenchang Tower
1. Wenchang Tower is the most commonly used instrument for studying in Chile, which is conducive to reading, fame and career. The ancients have always attached great importance to Wenchang. Any city with Wenchang Tower has had many literati. Wenchang is agile in Wensi, developed in thinking, high in efficiency, and improved in performance. Yuli scholars and civilian staff have made more achievements and achievements and career development.

2. The top of Wenchang Tower is a shape resembling a gourd. It can exorcise evils and avoid disasters, soothe wealth, and protect your family's well-being, Lu Shuangquan, and longevity.

3. Wenchang Tower faces the five parties, meaning the blessings of the parties, and can open the Confucian five wisdom that is the benevolence and righteousness.

4. Put the pagoda in your home, you can protect the peace, eliminate the evils, and guard the house.

Wenchang Tower placement method
1. Put Wenchang Tower in Wenchang, it can be agile and developed. It can be placed in the Wenchang position of the Eight-House, the Wenchang of the Flying Star or the Wenchang of the Ming.

2. Easy way to place Wenchang Tower: Students can place Wenchang Tower on the bed or desk. Adults can put Wenchang Tower in the bookcase or on the desk. It is best to let the Yi Xueren observe the Wenchang position or the person Ding Dangwang Star will put Wenchang Tower to be more conducive to the birth of the child, Wang Guiqi.

3. Students can put Wenchang Tower on the left hand side of the bed or desk (Qinglongfang). Adults can put Wenchang Tower on the left hand side of the bookcase or desk. However, the ideal placement method of Wenchang Tower is placed in the Wenchang position of its owner. .

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