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弥勒佛 Maitreya

弥勒佛是中国民间普遍信奉、广为流行的一尊佛。"弥勒"是梵文Maitreya的音译简称,意思是"慈氏"。据说此佛常怀慈悲之心。窥基在《阿弥陀经疏 》中解释说:"或言弥勒,此言慈氏。由彼多修慈心,多入慈定,故言慈氏,修慈最胜,名无能胜。"他的名字叫阿逸多,即"无能胜"。









Maitreya Buddha is a Buddha widely popularized and popular among Chinese people. "Millet" is the abbreviation of Sanskrit Maitreya, meaning "Cai". It is said that this Buddha is always compassionate. Peeping in the "Amitabha Sutra" explained: "Or the words Maitreya, this is the Ci. It is cultivated by Pieto, and more into the kindness, so the words of Ci, the best in cultivation, the invincible name." His name Called Ayota, that is, "incompetent victory."

The role of Maitreya
The Maitreya Buddha is vivid in appearance, kind and kind, and lifelike. The Buddha’s shoulder carries a bag, symbolizing full load, wealth and money, and financial resources.

Maitreya Buddha placement method
1. Office upper right corner

2. Family finances

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