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五帝钱 Five Emperors Money

五帝钱是指清朝顺治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉庆五个皇帝的铜钱,可挡煞、避邪。把五帝钱放在门槛内,可挡尖角冲射、飞刃煞、枪 煞、反弓煞、开口煞;放在身上可以避邪,不被邪灵骚扰,或用利是封包装着,或用绳穿着挂在颈上,可增加自己的运气,颜色可用喜用神的颜色 。



1. 铜钱的性质刚,五行属金,铜质吸收气场的力量比金银都好。因此,铜钱具有极强的化解煞气的作用;

2. 铜钱外圆内方,外圆代表天,内方代表地,中间的皇帝年号代表人,“天、地、人”三才具备,因而具有扭转乾坤的能量;

3. 顺治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉庆、道光,咸丰、同治、光绪、宣统这十个皇帝是处于中国国力最强大的清代,带有这十个皇帝年号的铜钱就具有铸造的铜钱带有“兴旺发达”、“镇压百邪”的朝代信息。



1. 旺财、旺宅气:于客厅、办公室、神位....等地方安置吊挂一串,予以趋吉且避凶。

2. 催财:悬挂安置于宅中财位处,亦可放置在金库、保险箱中。

3. 保平安:可悬挂在汽车中、装饰且保平安。

4. 化五黄煞:任何宅的正前方,皆为五黄煞方。宜吊挂一串,以化屋宅之五黄煞气。

5. 化太岁方:每年的太岁方位皆不同。所谓“勿在太岁头上动土”。可在每年宅内的太岁方,吊挂一串,以化太岁方的冲煞。

6. 化开口煞:屋宅大门,直冲电梯、停车场、马路、向下、向上楼梯....等皆为开口煞。宜在进门处,吊挂一串,予以化解。

7. 放在身上或者常用的抽屉里可以避邪,不被邪灵骚扰;用手提包装着,或用绳穿着挂在颈上,可增加自己的运气

Five emperor money refers to the bronze coins of the five emperors Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, which can block evil and avoid evil. Put the five emperor's money in the threshold, which can block sharp-angle shots, flying blades, guns, anti-bows, and openings. When placed on the body, you can avoid evil and not be disturbed by evil spirits. The rope is worn around the neck to increase your luck. The color can be used in God's color.

The role of the five emperors
1. Copper coins are rigid in nature, and the five elements are gold. Copper absorbs gas fields better than gold and silver. Therefore, copper coins have a strong role in relieving evil spirits;

2. The inner circle of the copper coin, the outer circle represents the sky, the inner circle represents the land, and the middle emperor's year is represented by the "sky, earth, and people", so it has the energy to turn the world around;

3. The ten emperors, Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi, Guangxu, and Xuantong, were in the Qing Dynasty, the most powerful country in China. Copper coins carry the dynasty information of "prosperity and prosperity" and "repression of all evils".

Five emperor money placement method
1. Wangcai, Wangzhaiqi: Place a string of hangings in the living room, office, god, etc. to make them better and avoid evil.

2. Acceleration of wealth: Hanging at the financial position in the house, it can also be placed in the vault or safe.

3. Safeguard: Can be hung in the car, decorated and safe.

4. Huawuhuangsha: The front of any house is Wuhuangshafang. A string should be hung to make the house's five yellow evil spirits.

5. Huatai Suifang: The orientation of Taisu is different every year. The so-called "Don't break ground on the Tai Sui". You can hang a string at the Tai Sui Fang in the house every year to transform the Tai Su Fang's attack.

6. Opening brake: The door of the house, going straight to the elevator, parking lot, road, downward, upstairs, etc ... are open brakes. Should be hung at the entrance to resolve.

7 Put it on your body or in a commonly used drawer to avoid evil and not be disturbed by evil spirits. Packing it in a hand or hanging it around the neck with a rope can increase your luck

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