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七星阵 Seven-star Array




1. 在数学中,人们称“七”为超凡入圣的阶段数字,是个幸运数字,代表月亮、太阳、水星、金星、火星、木星及土星,风水学认为,将水晶七星阵摆放于宅第适当的位置,可以达到驱邪消灾,持盈保泰,改善风水的最佳效果,实乃为广大百姓所认知及接受。然而,很多人将七星阵请回去之后,却不知如何摆放才能使之发挥最佳功效,尤其是对于开光的七星阵,其摆放尤为讲究,只有遵循正确的风水摆放理论,才能使效果达到最佳。

2. 不管是你在任何方面,事业,财运,家庭,婚姻等,都可以通过水晶球组成的七星阵,帮助你实现自已的愿望。

3. 七星阵可助镇宅、避邪、打散负能量、提升灵性、使心灵平静。人体负能量过多会导致多病,七星阵的磁场可使负能量的气流迅速得到改善,净化全身,使身体恢复元气和健康。



1. 属鼠人---丑时(1-3点)

2. 属牛人---子时(23-1点)

3.  属虎人---亥时(21-23点)

4. 属兔人---戌时(19-21点)

5. 属龙人---酉时(17-19点)

6. 属蛇人---申时(15-17点)

7. 属马人---未时(13-15点)

8. 属羊人---午时(11-13点)

9. 属猴人---巳时(9-11点)

10. 属鸡人---辰时(7-9点)

11. 属狗人---卯时(5-7点)

12. 属猪人---寅时(3-5点)



1. 属鼠人:正北方

2. 属牛人:北方偏东15度

3. 属虎人:东方偏北15度

4. 属兔人:正东方

5. 属龙人:东方偏南15度

6. 属蛇人:南方偏东15度

7. 属马人:正南方

8. 属羊人:南方偏西15度

9. 属猴人:西方偏南15度








The seven star array is to place six crystal pillars or crystal balls according to two equilateral triangles that are upside down and overlap. The side length of the triangle is specified as a multiple of seven, and a larger crystal pillar or crystal ball is placed in the center Form a "star", this is called the seven star array. In the seven-star array, the crystal located in the center will condense the energy of its six crystals to maximize the magnetic field effect of the crystal. Different types of crystals make up different types of crystal seven-star array, and their functions are also different.


The role of the Seven Star Array
1. In mathematics, people call "Seven" the number of extraordinary sanctification, a lucky number, representing the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Feng Shui believes that it is appropriate to place the crystal seven-star array The position can achieve the best effect of exorcising evils and dissipating disasters, maintaining profit and maintaining Thai, and improving feng shui. It is actually recognized and accepted by the general public. However, many people ask the Seven Star Array to go back, but they do n’t know how to place it to make it work best. Especially for the open Seven Star Array, its placement is particularly important. Achieve the best.

2. No matter you are in any aspect, career, wealth, family, marriage, etc., you can help you realize your desire through the seven-star array composed of crystal balls.

3. The Seven-Star Array can help the town house, avoid evil, dispel negative energy, enhance spirituality, and calm the mind. Excessive negative energy in the human body can lead to sickness. The magnetic field of the seven star array can quickly improve the air flow of negative energy, purify the whole body, and restore the body's vitality and health.


I. Hours of Seven Stars
1. Rat-Man --- Ugly (1-3 points)

2. For the cattle --- children (23-1 points)

3. Tiger --- Hei (21-23 o'clock)

4. It's a Bunny --- Time (19-21)

5. Dragon people --- Time (17-19)

6. Snake-man --- Shen Shi (15-17 points)

7. Horseman --- Time (13-15 points)

8. Shepherd --- noon (11-13 o'clock)

9. Monkey Man --- Time (9-11 o'clock)

10. Chicken --- Chen Shi (7-9 o'clock)

11. Dog people --- Time (5-7 o'clock)

12. Pig --- Yin Shi (3-5 points)

Second, the orientation of the natural crystal seven-star array
(Person stands in the center of the house, fixes the north with the compass to determine the direction)

1. Rat-like: True North

2. For cattle: 15 degrees northeast

3. Tiger: 15 degrees north-east

4. Bunny: Orient

5. Dragon people: 15 degrees south of the east

6. Snake-man: 15 degrees east-south

7. Horse: True South

8. Sheep: 15 degrees west of the south

9. Monkey people: 15 degrees southwest of the west

10. Chicken: The West

11. Dog people: 15 degrees northwest

12. Pig people: 15 degrees west of the north

Third, the bedroom
Almost all of human health energy, spirit and vitality come from sleep on the bed. In Feng Shui theory, there is nothing more important than the placement of the bed. Placing a crystal seven-star array in the bedroom, the huge energy and gas field in the crystal can resolve the evil spirit Can be used for self-cultivation, Fu Hui Shuang Xiu. At this time, the seven-star array can be placed on the bedside table or dresser.

4. Put the crystal ball on the office table to help the host develop wisdom, release negative energy, enter the state of concentration, and play the similarity of emptiness. Then they can turn around, get help from time and place, and guard against villains. Let the personality be inside and outside, and be more decent and harmonious when dealing with others. At this time, the seven-star array can be placed on the left-hand side of the desk, namely Qinglongfang.

Fifth, the seven-star array in the living room can be used to attract wealth, ward off evil town houses, and reverse the world. Therefore, many people put it in the living room, which is both beautiful and good in feng shui assistance. When placed in the living room, it can be placed in its financial position. As for the judgment of financial position, reference can be made to the Feng Shui of the home of the Mingming Buddha headquarters.

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